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'by walking one makes the road, and upon glancing one sees the path...' -antonio machado-  

Originally proposed at the Australian Association of Social Workers National Conference in 2004 in Canberra, Australia ‘the social change entrepreneurs' project took off pretty well. It had ten callers. Seven definite.  Times move quickly. There was only one taker. One taker from Melbourne Australia.  It finally became a reality. 

Giant leap for the mankind is always the first step.

Tess Murton from Melbourne In Indian Villages

Lambada tribal project

If you landed in Bombay or Mumbai went and looked at community engagement strategies with urban poor spent 2 weeks with HIV AIDS agency on cultural strategies or did a tropical hospital exposure and then headed to Fihalhohi Island in Maldives what would you call that experience?

-We simply call that working holiday- a lovely deal -